What this is.


Ballsy and bricking it I am soon to become a Mother.

Raising Children With Swagger is the title of my as yet unwritten book from the experiences I am yet to have as I breeze through raising my first child.  With each story of how hard I am told it’s going to be, I keep telling myself and the person delivering the story that confidence will see me through.  A bit like having my fingers in my ears and singing ‘Laa Laa Laa’ loudly.  So I might as well share it publically ready for when it all bites me on the soon hopefully to be smaller ass.  Obviously my aim is to produce a well-adjusted, fun and happy daughter but if it goes wrong she can look back here and discuss with her psychotherapist as to which point it all went wrong.

Here is a place to dump thoughts, photos, musings and no doubt some moaning.

Basically to my husband, this is where I am at.  And to my daughter, at least you have your Dad, you can rely on him x

2 responses to “What this is.

  1. Wow! This is amazing! I will most definitely be following and would love to share tips, moans with you and also look for advice in raising my two gorgeous girls Bibi Lulabelle age 3 and Pixie Heart age 11 weeks.

    Lots of love and good luck

    Linz xxx

    • Thank You! Excellent La’Lopez, I would love to have you, your knowledge and your smile on board! Massive amounts of love to you and the coolest named girls around X

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